10 Great Adrenaline Rush Activities

10 Great Adrenaline Rush Activities

For mountaineering enthusiasts, there’s no thrill quite like a challenging trek or exhilarating climb. Getting out into nature to conquer high peaks and explore trails thousands of feet above ground is simply unlike any other experience.

At the same time, however, an adventurous mountain trek isn’t always readily available, and there are plenty of thrill-seekers out there with travel and time restrictions that lead them to find their adrenaline rushes elsewhere. So, just for fun, here are our picks for 10 diverse and incredible ways to get that much-needed adrenaline rush.

1. Bungee Jumping
Bungee1 This is the ultimate adrenaline rush that seems to be on everybody’s bucket list. Bungee jumping offers a crazy jolt unlike any other activity, and there are locations for it all over the world.

2. Sky Diving

Bungee can never be mentioned without sky diving right alongside it, even though the two activities are really vastly different. Still, if you’re thrill seeker this is just about a mandatory activity.

3. Ride A Motorcycle

If you’re more about a thrill around town, a motorcycle test drive is a great option. You’ll have to be careful of course, but even a slow(ish) ride for the first time can feel like quite a thrill.

4. Book A Random Trip

Have you ever thought of just booking a trip with your eyes closed? Or heading to Kayak and simply choosing the cheapest international flight? Spontaneous travel, for many, is the ultimate thrill.

5. Ziplining

It doesn’t have the risk or thrill factor of some other activities, but if you’re looking for something more casual, a ziplining or high ropes course can be a great deal of fun.

6. Drive A Race Car

This isn’t always an option, but at some tracks you can pay for the chance to drive on a real race track. For example, at some U.S. tracks you can book “The Nascar Experience” and do a few laps at incredibly high speeds.

7. Try Ambitious Cycling

Cycling around town or on a familiar route is great for everyday exercise, but a lot of people get a real rush out of trying an ambitious trail. It might be a particularly lengthy route, one that takes you into another state or country, or even one that winds through high mountain passages. Just make sure you have the necessary equipment. MySmartBuy, an online retailer for various electronics, has a few bicycle safety lights and items you might be able to make great use of. Equip your bike with a few such items, strap on your helmet, and you can be on your way!

8. Try Kite-Boarding
Kiting1 This is a gradual activity, as it requires patience, coaching, and equipment. But there aren’t many beach hobbies as thrilling as kite-boarding, given the potential to catch upwards of 40 feet of air!

9. Whitewater Rafting

For a nature activity that doesn’t involve height or sky activity, rapids offer an incredible thrill and physical challenge. There are great rivers all over the world for this awesome activity.

10. Take A Dive
Scuba1 Scuba still offers the biggest thrill to a lot of adventurers and beach lovers, and indeed in the right location – alongside sharks, at a major reef or wreck, etc. – it’s good for a great rush.