Another crazy idea

I am prone to the occasional crazy daft idea for adventures.  Here is one I have been thinking about for a while and spoken to a few folk about but this is the first time I’ve committed to the screen…

It comes from my interest in overland expeditions and finding new ways to do things, something disabled people excell at.  It also comes from my interest in geography, history, and Land Rovers.

Back in 1956, the first Land Rover overland expedition took place, with two teams of students from Oxford and from Cambridge driving from London to Singapore.  This was serious exploration as well as demonstrating the incredible capabilities of these amazing vehicles.

More recently I am sure we have all been inspired by the team of injured service personnel who went from ‘front line to start line’ to compete in the Dakar rally.  Brilliant achievement though I confess to feeling a tiny hint of frustration that the injured personnel weren’t driving.

So, here’s my idea.  In 2016, after the last Land Rover Defender rolls off the production line, to mark the 60th anniversary of that first overland expedition, lets repeat it.  Lets put a team together, entirely of disabled people, and take a couple of Land Rovers from London to Singapore.  And lets put a new route through to do it.  The first team went through the Middle East (probably not advisable now), so let’s find a new way through Russia and China.

Lets show what disabled people can do independantly together with the right backing and the right vehicle.  With a Land Rover.

Bonkers?  Who’s in?