With my 10 years experience of training and competing at the highest level as an athlete, 15 years experience of strategic sport development and inclusion projects, and 14 years of adventures, I am delighted to be able to offer consultancy services in three main areas:

  • Mentoring – as a former Paralympic athlete and mountaineer, and with a successful career in sport development I know what it takes to succeed, and how vital it is to plan for life after sport.  I can offer mentoring for aspiring athletes and adventurers about how to maximise their opportunities through a sporting career.
  • Project Development – from helping you or your organisation to provide a more inclusive service and so attract new users and new business, leading your organisation through a programme of change, I can bring my unique personal experience from over 15 years of strategic sport development, project management and expeditions to your project.
  • Equipment design and development – Having Cerebral Palsy gives me a unique view and approach to outdoor equipment.  From a starting point of “if I find a piece of kit easy to use, anyone else probably will too”, I can run a range of unique and robust tests that will find ways in which the equipment can be improved as part of a design and development protocol, or I can provide alternative reviews of existing ranges of equipment.  Similarly if you have had a request from a customer or client for a bespoke piece of equipment, I can help you design it, or if the needs of the client exceed my knowledge, I can put you in touch with other experts who can help.

If you want to push back your boundaries and open up to opportunities, contact me with details of what you would like me to do.


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