The Challenge Network Graduation


I was very excited to have been invited to speak at The Challenge Network graduation event on the 12th January at the Barbican Centre, London.  Check out the website for more information about the organisation and the great work they do with fantastic young people who really want to give back to their communities and make them better, nicer and more harmonious places to be.  Brilliant.

Following my small contribution, they have been kind enough to send me this testimonial:

“I am very grateful that Dave Padgen came to speak at ‘The Challenge Network’ graduation ceremony at the Barbican, London.

Dave Padgen is an inspirational speaker with a truly great story that everyone should hear!

He uses humour within a heart warming speech to connect and engage his listeners. He proves that with sheer determination and a positive mind set YOU can accomplish your dreams and that if you really want something, you should let nothing stand in your way! 
His photos and video presentation left a lump in many peoples throats and there were a few tears. 
Dave, I am so thankful to have met someone like you. You should be so proud at the great things that you have accomplished and how you are trail blazing the way for others!
I have been inundated with feedback saying this was the best graduation that people had been too and that you are truly amazing! . 
I would highly recommend Dave to speak to all audiences.
Caroline Mumford
Programme Manager
The Challenge Network”
I’d like to thank The Challenge Network for giving me the chance to meet such great young people and learn a bit more about the fantastic work they all do.