Dave came and spoke at our client event about what disability can (and doesn’t) mean. He is a fantastic speaker; funny, relevant and interesting. His achievements in the sporting and mountaineering world are many, but his seemingly natural fit into corporate meeting rooms is a testament to a broad intellect and empathy that assists others understand the importance and relevance of building accessibility and inclusion into their business. Thanks Dave



Dave made a great after dinner speaker for the Trust’s formal dinner to celebrate our work with vulnerable young people.

His story of his approach to living with Cerebral Palsy is inspirational and provides an impactful way of challenging a wide range of people to think about their approach to setting and achieving stretching goals for themselves. It also contains a powerful message about mindset and managing adversity.

Dave has clearly demonstrated personal values aligned closely with those of the Trust, he made a brilliant job of tying his story into the overall theme of the evening which was to celebrate the work of the Trust and attract new ideas and support to develop that work.

I whole heartedly support Dave’s approach to sharing his life story and through that, seeking to raise the aspirations of others.

Andy Robinson CEO Lindley Educational Trust



I was delighted to speak and present at the Leys School Duke of Edinburgh Award presentations.  Here are two notes I recieved, the first from the Award manager and the second from the Headmaster.

“David your speech was excellent, and it made our event probably the best yet.  It really did hit the button, it had focus, vision, humour, wisdom, energy and feeling, it was also clearly told from the heart and that to me makes it ever more real.  Your message about setting your own Mt Everest really did ring out and I am sure the young people will have taken note of this along with you clear demonstration of challenge through adversity.  At the end of the evening I had many parents, comment on your presentation and I know many also came to speak with you further.  One comment from a pupil was simply ‘wow’  and another was ‘inspiring’.  I am sure that you will be successful in whatever you do next as you have passion, drive and a sense of humour & I wish you every success in the future.”
leys school[1]




I am very grateful that Dave Padgen came to speak at ‘The Challenge Network’ graduation ceremony at the Barbican, London.

Dave Padgen is an inspirational speaker with a truly great story that everyone should hear!

He uses humour within a heart warming speech to connect and engage his listeners. He proves that with sheer determination and a positive mind set YOU can accomplish your dreams and that if you really want something, you should let nothing stand in your way!
His photos and video presentation left a lump in many peoples throats and there were a few tears.
Dave, I am so thankful to have met someone like you. You should be so proud at the great things that you have accomplished and how you are trail blazing the way for others!
I have been inundated with feedback saying this was the best graduation that people had been too and that you are truly amazing! .
I would highly recommend Dave to speak to all audiences.
Caroline Mumford
Programme Manager
The Challenge Network

Explorers Connect – Kendal

I co-ordinate a group called Kendal Explorers – part of a larger group called Explorers Connect.  We organise regular events at which we have a range of speakers from the adventure and expedition community.  We were very pleased to have Dave come up to speak to our group and if you are looking for a speaker for your event I’d highly recommend him.  Dave’s story is inspirational in its own right.  Furthermore his delivery of that story combined beautiful photography, insightful video and a talk which was inspirational, full of humour and modest understated determination.  He pitched the talk perfectly to a varied and enthusiastic group who were universally delighted and inspired.  Thanks Dave for a great evening at Explorers Connect.

Dom Hall – Fieldskills – the Expedition Experts,  Co-ordinator Kendal Explorers Group


Thanks for sharing your life with us in Kendal. I was deeply moved by your story, modesty and potent message. Your humility in recognising all the people that have supported you was genuine and refreshing – I’m tired of hearing “heroes” talk about how the did it themselves! This only enhances your story and in no way overshadows the seemingly monumental challenges, step by step, that you recounted with alacrity, self deprecating humour and not one shred of self-pity, which most of us would succumb to in the same situation.The movie clips were brilliant at conveying not only the physical journeys you’ve accomplished, but the emotional ones as well – for you and team mates. Your deeds, persona and optimism set you apart and your story is one that we all can take something joyous from. I did.

Barry Roberts – WMT Commercial Director -www.wildernessmedicaltraining.co.uk
NAAPS / Aberdeenshire Council
Dave Padgen is a dynamic speaker who enables others to have the courage to strive for their Everest whatever that may be. When you meet first meet him you will not realise how your life will change. The man that stands before you is gentle but with a lions heart, funny yet unassuming, disabled but not wanting to be treated any differently to anyone else. He speaks with ease and clarity about his own life, his love of sport and the mountains that are his personal challenges. He calls them his Everest’s.Dave has no difficulty in speaking about his life with cerebral palsy, it is part of his adventures and achievements. A modest man, as he was twice a Paralympic athlete, currently an international mountaineer. With his keen sense of humour and brilliant photography he invites his audience to think and plan their own Everest. Whatever that may be, he will change your life journey.

Truly inspirational to all that are lucky enough to hear him speak.

Sue Mahony, Team Leader Shared Lives/Adult Placement scheme, Aberdeenshire Council

University of Nottingham Mountaineering Club

Dave Padgen easily holds an audience’s attention throughout with his well-paced account of his expeditions and life events leading up to them, with humour laced in from the beginning.  Dave’s jokes, however, do not detract from the significance of his achievements, and you are left with a serious sense that you should get out and achieve something yourself!

Dave’s saying ‘If you think you can’t you’re probably wrong,’ resonated with me afterwards, and the evening made me realise you only get one life and you shouldn’t just seize opportunities, you should create them.

Emma Wright – Social Secretary UoNMC

Equal Adventure festival 2010

Dave provided an inspirational example of what can be done with team work, preparation and dedication.  Dave has a great sense of occasion and fun.  He was able to create a talk which reached our very varied audience.  His inspirational motivational style set the tone for the 2010 Equal Adventure Festival.

For those considering inclusion Dave provides a unique, realistic and positive view of disability, devoid of stereotypes.

Suresh Paul FRGS


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