Great feedback and testimonial!

A couple of weeks ago I did a talk for a group of disabled adults embarking on a weekend of outdoor and adventurous activity through ‘Shared Lives’ in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council.  Today I had this message from the organiser:

The Glenmore event began and finished at fever pitch.
For us as last year, your talk just sets the whole event off with a bang and fires up the enthusiasm and the “I can do” spirit, which has to be said starts from your input. By Saturday evening people were high on their personal journeys and often in the conversations your name was mentioned.

One lady spoke of how if Dave can do this I can and committed
herself to walking during the weekend without her sticks. And she did!
I have booked Glenmore next year on the back of the success of this event
which is the 14th June and if costs allow would love to hear your update as
I feel there is a new adventure for you on the cards which we would love to
be able to share.

My sincere thanks for your time, company and brilliant talk.

How great is that!!!

Also, in a massive explosion of my enormous inflated ego, I have made a showreel of sorts to try to help promote my speaking and lectures…  If anyone’s particularly worried, the doors in my house are already widened, and I’m sure Pike the dog will soon cut me back down to size…

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